Lasers are an integral part of todays world. Lasers are:

Lasers are special in the way they emit light. Lasers emit light through a special process called

Stimulated Emmision


Laser Light is Coherent


Lasers use special materials that Lase

Many materials need to be pumped with higher energy photons to raise electrons to a higher orbit. when the electrons fall they emit laser light, that is a monochromatic wavelength

In practice we can use uv light on a saphire material (IE: Ruby) to stimulate emmision of red light.

In the example we are using a UV led to stimulate a Blue Saphire


Another interesting property of laser light is its speckle

laser speckel can be observed as a shimmering shining quality of laser light. The shimmering quality is from the phase coherence of laser light. When shown on a diffuse surface the light waves cause constructive and destructive interfernce which leads to the speckled apperence of laser light.


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Pictures by: Robert Balonek