Led Bike Flasher


What to do when you need a something better than a simple reflector, Build you own!


Bike reflector, Red Leds, schmitt trigger inverter ic, 2n2222 +2n2907 transistors (any generic NPN or PNP will work), resistors, 2x .1uF capacitors, and a battery holder.

The basic principle behind the circuit is that it will blink two leds on and off to grab attention to your bike.


First get yourself a bike reflector I found mine on the side of the road,

larger pic Bike Reflector


I took the metal housing off my reflector and proceeded to drill some holes in a + pattern for my leds. Im going to use two groups of leds that will flash on and off. remeber to start small with drill sizes and then move up to aviod cracking the reflector.



Leds and reflector


________ Leds in


I put the leds in the holes using hot glue to hold them in place, my pattern uses 4 diffused red leds on the outside and clear bright leds on the inside. then proceed to wiring the leds in parallel.

the circuit i made will run off of 3 volts so it can run on rechargeable batteries or regular alkaline.


with this schematic make sure that each transistor will be driving at least six leds so as not to burn out the leds.

all constructed with both power leads, you can break the board so it is smaller if you wish but i decided to keep it long for now if I decide to add more to the circuit.

Circuit board

then attach the blinker cicuit to the leds and be seen at night on your bike


Movie caution large file

After this you may wish to put it all in a inclosed case to keep the rain out.

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Designed and Built by Robert Balonek