The Led Plant Light

To make your plants grow big and strong


Most plants only need the blue and red spectrum of light. The wavelengths are centered around 640nm (red) and 420nm (blue). All other colors produced by lights are just reflected by plants. If a light could be devised in such a way that could produce only those two wavelengths, electrical efficiency can be increased. The best way to achieve this is to use Leds since they are wavelength specific.

I searched many websites to find a practical Led Lighting system and found that they can cost many hundreds of dollars for very minimal amount of actual light output. So I came up with a prototype design myself.

I decided to go a bit overboard with my design I used a total of 580 Leds, 48 blue Leds and 532 red Leds. Total power consumption is around 25w.


I started with a plexiglass sheet and drilled holes in it to allow my Leds to slip in. Then proceeded to superglue and solder them in place.

But first you need A LOT of Leds


So many Leds


They look so Happy!


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